Can't I Just Have The Anus Bar?

*SPOILER WARNING* (Sorry for the late addition)

This is from today’s issue of Astro City.

So I was wrong about Joey being revealed as a trans woman.

But guys you, you have no idea how this made me felt when I read these two pages. I mean, really read them.

In all my talking about my emotional state and my therapy and my childhood and my desire to write and fix broken comic characters, this, THESE pages, I never thought I’d see something like this.

I know I have a psychological desire to fix abused comic characters and lash out at creators like Dennis Hopeless and James Robinson and Scott Lobdell for being idiots because it stems from how I was treated and ignored growing up, but, I know that there are other people out there who have felt the same way I’ve felt at times. I know there are people who’ve felt alone and powerless and have tried to kill themselves because they don’t think it’ll ever be better. And I never, I NEVER want anyone to feel like I’ve felt. No one should ever have to feel that way. And I want to write stories and use characters that can say that.

And then, to read a character in a comic, to really see a character who feels almost exactly the same way that I’ve felt and continue to feel, and try to do something about it and really be able to help someone else, you, you guys can’t tell but I’m crying right now as I type this.

I wasn’t even really planning on buying any comics today because, with Avengers Undercover, I didn’t think I’d have the stomach for it. I’m so glad I bought this issue.

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